How to Buy Table Lamps

Table lamps consider as the most eye-catching home accessories, as they do not just light up the home, but also provide accents that can add beauty and serenity to any area. No wonder they come in many types of lighting to choose from and become most popular choice.

I believe you will throw away your table lamps if they can don’t do the job you want them to in your home, although you have bought for attractive table lamps. So you have spent for money for nothing, right. So before you buy, it is better if you had made an educated lighting decision to start. Here are some tips for getting the right table lamps.

1.Pick the a lamp of an appropriate size. A candlestick lamp may be best for petite nesting table or narrow console.  For bulky ginger jar, you can pick roomy end table or bombé chest.
2. Make sure the lamps will be tall enough to cast its light over your shoulder, especially from a chair-side table. When you’re sitting on the chair, the bottom of the shade should be about even with your cheekbone and the light’s beam should fall on the page if you’re reading.
3. Consider the lamp’s style. A faceted crystal-and-shiny-brass table lamp is likely to be jarring on a Shaker or Mission night stand, while A high-tech swing-arm lamp will look out of place on a carved Victorian table
4. Consider about what the lamp’s maximum wattage is, as reading lamp should offer 150 or more watts.
5. When the lamp is viewed from a few feet away, make sure to check that the bottom edge of the shade hides the lamp’s bulb socket. In order to make the lamp more attractive as well as reduce the potential for glare.
6. You can swap the shade to satisfy your functional needs by asking store personnel
7. Make sure it suits your needs by examining the shade, as a white or off-white fabric shade usually provides a translucent quality and high light output.  But A darker or opaque shade w is suitable in entryways and because it  will limit the light output.
8. When you find that the lamp is too tall, too chunky, too bright or too dark, make sure you can bring the lamp back for a full refund.
9. Bring lamp home and test it. Adjust the shade to reduce glare, if you are able to see the lamp’s bulb when sitting down
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